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Our Process
Camera Shock Absorber Design
Stanton CNC Rear 11 15
Both Model Pony 9 3
01 / 04
KC74- Camera Shock Absorber
Stanton Bikes- CNC Rear Triangle
KC74- Motorcycle Camera Frame
Coal Bikes- Hardtail MTB Frame

Who we are

We are Certa, a multidisciplinary design and engineering agency with a huge passion for the products that move us.

We combine state of the art design with chartered engineering integrity, merging the lines between product, industrial and engineering design. We create aesthetic, engaging and uncompromised designs that enhance performance and are fit for production. We collaborate with businesses, startups and entrepreneurs to turn theoretical ideas into a reality over a broad range of industries and applications.


What we do

We are passionate about what we do at Certa and take pride in all of our work. Detail and precision are at the forefront of every single project that we undertake. View our work to see what we do and how we develop ideas into a reality.

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Camera Shock Absorber Render
Triple Clamp FEA
Coal Bikes Pony Photo
Coal Bikes Front Render
MX Camera Frame Render
Stanton Switch9er CNC Rear
Camera Bike Frame FEA

What they say

“Having Certa on our team has enabled our equipment not only to be next level but ahead of schedule. We only work with the best companies and individuals who have the experience and qualities to deliver impossible missions!”

Kieran Clarke
Stuntman / Motorcycle Stunt Coordinator

“Certa can help you bring a design from concept to production. They have a professional approach and a diligent attention to detail that’ll keep your project on track and in order.”

Dan Stanton
Director – Stanton Bikes

“Working with Certa allowed us to accelerate our new product to market. Their attention to detail within the design stages combined with their engineering and manufacturing knowledge ensured that our product not only looked awesome but was cost effective to manufacture.”

Gavin White
Director - Coal Bikes

We have worked with Certa on a number of manufacturing projects and their communication has always been excellent. Their engineering drawings and CAD models work to international standards and are always of the very highest quality.”

Joe Hays
General Manager – Tyler Bros