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A forward thinking design and engineering agency based in the heart of Nottingham’s creative quarter. We combine creative design with chartered engineering integrity. Merging the lines between product, industrial and engineering design.

At Certa we do not just create concepts and ideas. Our expertise in design, simulation, engineering and manufacture provide a complete package and experience for our clients. Our aim is to create aesthetic, engaging and uncompromised designs that both excel in performance and are fit for production.

Exploded View of Shock Absorber

We recognise the potential in every project and specialise in creating bespoke turnkey solutions. Whether that is end-to-end or at a pivotal point within our design and engineering process.

We love what we do at Certa and have a huge passion for the products that move us. With over a decade of design and engineering experience within the automotive, aerospace and cycle industries.

From conceptual design through to final form and function, we are committed to innovation and cutting edge solutions, aiming to push the limits of what is mechanically and technically possible.

Precision, quality and attention to detail are at the forefront of everything that we do. We ensure that no aspects are overlooked and that from concept through to completion our clients are delighted with every outcome.

We are pioneering solutions and consultancy to make it easy for businesses, entrepreneurs and startups to take projects to the next level. Everything that we do at Certa is designed for detail and engineered for excellence.

Certa Design Desk and Laptop
Certa Engineering Drawing to BS8888

We support every industry and welcome open discussions for any project or product. Our project setup process is completely FREE and fully confidential. Contact us now to discuss a project with us.

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