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Coal Bikes- Pony Mountain Bike Frame

Coal Bikes are a fresh new company within the mountain bike industry. Based in the UK they fully manufacture their own products in house as well as manufacturing for other various bicycle companies. Coal are working on a variety of new exciting projects and asked us to get involved with the development of their new aggressive 29er steel hardtail frame the ‘Pony’. The aim of the project was to assist Coal Bikes in the development of their product ready for market release.

Coal Bikes approached us with an existing prototype frame that had proven the geometry and materials for the design. We worked with Coal to focus on the more detailed aspects of the design and aesthetics, creating a 3D CAD assembly model and bringing the product to life with photorealistic renderings. Our collaboration helped the startup company to accelerate their first product to market within under one month. Bespoke engineering drawing packs specific to Coal’s manufacturing jigs and tooling ensured that they had all the engineered information required to begin full production of their new hardtail frames.

Coal Pony Mountain Bike 2
White Render of Coal Mountain Bikes

Some of the key services and tools used within this project are detailed below:

  • Strategic planning and road-mapping
  • Concept design
  • Hand sketches
  • 3D CAD
  • Detailed design
  • Finite element analysis (FEA)
  • Photorealistic rendering
  • Engineering drawings
  • Time to market (TTM)
Coal Pony Mountain Bike 1
FEA Simulation of Coal Hardtail Yoke Design
Drawing of Coal Hardtail Yoke Design
Render of Coal Mountain Bikes
Render of Coal Pony Details
Coal Pony Hardtail Details
Mountain Bike Yoke Design FEA
Front Render of Coal Bikes Pony
Coal Bikes Workshop
Steel Mountain Bike Yoke Design
Coal Pony Mountain Bike Frames
Engineering Drawing of Mountain Bike Frame
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