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Kieran Clarke - Electric Motorcycle Concept

Kieran Clarke (KC74) is a world championship motorcycle racer turned stuntman who specialises in the development of bespoke vehicles that are used for camera tracking applications in the Hollywood film industry. Kieran has worked on many big budget films such as Mission Impossible and the Fast and Furious franchise. The cutting edge vehicles that Kieran uses are required to be of the highest performance and designed for high speeds and maximum maneuverability.

We collaborated with Kieran on the design of a high performance electric motorcycle concept. The concept was based on a hypermotard chassis and geometry with plans to be the next iteration of Kieran’s highly successful E-Tracker motorcycle system. The project included the design of a 3D assembly concept that was created using surface based modelling tools, as well as the application of photorealistic renders to bring the product to life with exciting visuals that included the clients branding. The project captured the initial design language and direction for the vehicle.

Certa Beta Testing
Electric Motorbike

Some of the key services and tools used within this project are detailed below:

  • Research and case studies
  • Design specification (PDS)
  • Idea generation and analysis
  • Conceptualisation
  • 3D CAD
  • Surface modelling
  • Photorealistic rendering
E Motorbike
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Kieran Clarke Etracker
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Electric Motocross Bike
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